Putting People First

The Takashimaya group contributes to society by valuing the spirit of believing in people, loving people, and serving people.

– Service that remains within the heart
– Creation of new lifestyles and cultures that open up the future
– Contributing to creating vibrant local communities
– Unceasing efforts to protect the global environment
– Activities trusted by the community


  New Yet Unchanging

We can renew ourselves because of our tradition. We shall maintain our soothing values rooted in the era. 

To retain unchanged that we wish to keep, but be flexible enough to change with the times.

Our heartfelt services remain unchangeable as we discover what we must change in order to please our customers, with all our staff as one mind. This is how Takashimaya evolves.



  • Provide quality products at the best retail price
  • Uphold honesty in product pricing
  • Champion objectivity in product review and information
  • Advocate equal treatment amongst all customers

* 【店是】”Tenze” The mentality imparted to all employees since the founding of Takashimaya