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Konnichiwa mina-san! It’s the time of the year again to satisfy all your local and Japanese food cravings right at…

29/06/2018 by admin

Konnichiwa mina-san! It’s the time of the year again to satisfy all your local and Japanese food cravings right at our favourite spot, Takashimaya Square! From Thursday, 21st June to Sunday, 8th July 2018 at Takashimaya Square B2, food lovers should swing by this marvellous event – Food Fiesta! Serving you a plethora of amazing food from 50 F&B establishments, ranging from the humble yet delicious local gourmet food items to the heavenly delicacies from the land of the rising sun, Japan.

04/06/2018 by admin

Flaunt your beautiful complexion with our latest beauty products at Level 1, Takashimaya Departmental Store. Discover new and exclusive brands at special deals in our newly renovated beauty counters! These products will keep you looking and feeling your very best. Get ready to stock up on the most luxurious items in your entire skin-care collection, including a total refreshing CHANTECAILLE essence and many more.

Celebrate Mother's Day at Takashimaya
10/05/2018 by admin

Takashimaya would like to wish every mother a very Happy Mother’s Day! Mothers, you are more than beautiful and brainy, you are great, heroic and loving right from the start. Hence you deserve a perfect gift at Takashimaya. This coming Mother’s Day, gift your mum the perfect mattress at Takashimaya Departmental Store. From now to 29 April 2018, Takashimaya Departmental Store is holding exclusive mattress promotions in our Interior Department, B1. While raising us as children, our mothers have sacrificed considerable sleeping hours just to attend to our needs. To help them sleep better and longer, Takashimaya caters renowned, reliable…

20/04/2018 by admin

We all know that to portray our best self with a healthy image, we will need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is more than a healthy diet, it encompasses the use of appropriate, skin care and body care products that stimulate the healthy and beautiful body. Organised by Takashimaya Departmental Store, Summer Wellness (Fri 6 Apr to Wed 16 May 2018) is an event to promote a healthy lifestyle. In this event, we showcase various types of health products that will significantly help you.

15/03/2018 by admin

Happy 25th Anniversary, Takashimaya Singapore! In celebration of our 25th silver anniversary, we are holding our very own Living Trend event where you can discover ideas for smart home living as well as personal beauty and wellness. Take advantage of this event every day until Sunday 25th March 2018 to enjoy special discounts on some items and identify the launch of new mattress brand – MaxCoil.

27/03/2018 by admin

Good news! Exciting, sportive sale is here at Takashimaya Square, Basement 2! From 28 March to 15 April, Takashimaya is holding a Men’s & Sports Bazaar which includes the sales of formal and casual clothing styles, footwear, bags, shades and popular brands such as Billabong, Fred Perry, Nike, Pierre Cardin, Timberland and many more!

13/03/2018 by admin

If you are visiting Singapore, you absolutely cannot miss Takashimaya Department Store – the shopping paradise of Singapore! Takashimaya Department Store, a retail giant from Japan is every shopaholics’ heaven. To provide you a quintessential shopping and living experience, we have over 180 specialty stores, boutiques, and restaurants that offer a wide selection of chic designer labels, iconic food brands, and lifestyle merchandise.

01/02/2018 by admin

Whether it’s your first time travelling, or you are getting tired of browsing forums for other people’s itineraries every single time you go somewhere new, here’s how to break down your holiday planning and expenses for stress-free, budget-friendly travel.

01/02/2018 by admin

From J-Beauty to DIY facial care at home, to skincare and cosmetics that combine several benefits into one single product, the world is already on board the biggest skincare trends of 2018. Here are some beauty products you may wish to swop into your current routine.

01/02/2018 by admin

Time for stylish, trendy yet comfortable shoes to match your elegant pair of feet! Do you know that the types of shoes you wear can also maintain the long-term health of your precious feet? Choosing the right pair of shoes to wear can correctly portray your style and personality as well as be an investment in foot health. The rightful shoes for you depends on your daily use, but nothing is more important than comfort.

02/02/2018 by admin

It’s almost Chinese New Year and everyone’s rushing to fix up their homes before household visitations start. Is your home the picture of CNY blessings with Year of the Dog decorations? Did you remember to get new bed sheets for the master bedroom? Or maybe your electrical appliances and kitchenware are wearing out and need replacing.

31/01/2018 by admin

It’s not 2018 yet until after Chinese New Year. So don’t worry, there’s still time to make your New Year resolutions, and update your closet with something new while you’re at it. Here are some super cute CNY outfit ideas inspired by the zodiac for 2018. Extra luck to you if you’re born in the year of the dog.

26/01/2018 by admin

From the freshest Japanese seafood for your reunion dinner, to CNY gifts for the elders and titbits for the kids, Takashimaya’s Chinese New Year sales and promotions in Singapore are here to ensure you get all your CNY goodies settled. Run through our quick checklist and promos to get ready for the New Year.

26/01/2018 by admin

Love it or not, household visitations are due soon with Chinese New Year around the corner. So send your greetings along with these well-wishing Chinese New Year gifts for your in laws, family, friends and corporate clients. Here are some not so typical CNY hampers with foods from all around the world to suit anyone this season.

17/01/2018 by admin

While pants are relatively easy for guys once you get a good fit, are you underestimating the classiness of a dress shirt and a smart pair of oxfords? This Chinese New Year, Takashimaya’s 4-day CNY sale brings you shoes to wear to any occasion, and shirts in striking colourways other than plain red.

17/01/2018 by admin

Still wondering what to wear for CNY? Accessorise your Chinese New Year’s outfit with these lucky colours of the year. As 2018 is the year of the dog, the auspicious colours relate to earth and fire elements. Think warm earth tones like brown, beige, sand and yellow, and lush shades like orange, purple, pink, and not to forget the colour of the season – red.

04/01/2018 by admin

We’ve all done it – lugged home a limited supply of must-try bulky snacks from Japan or waited months to find someone willing to bring those goodies home. But in case you’re craving for something special other than Tokyo Banana and Shiroi Koibito, here are some Japanese sweets and titbits that even the Japanese highly regard, and they are all available in Singapore.

26/12/2017 by admin

Koreans are known for their flawless and radiant skin. That’s because they follow a unique and intricate skincare and beauty regimen to get that healthy, glowing complexion. If you want to get the same stunning skin, Korean style, here are the beauty secrets you need to know.

14/11/2017 by admin

There’s nothing as warm and inviting as coming back to a relaxing and lovely-smelling home environment. Home fragrances can create a tranquil atmosphere, making your personal space a refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. From scented candles and reed diffusers to incense sticks and room sprays, the subtle scents dispersed from these home fragrances can improve your well-being and uplift your mood. The soft, soothing scent of lavender from a reed diffuser is perfect for the bedroom and relaxes your senses as you prepare to go to bed. Alternatively, the exotic smell of sandalwood will put you…