Takenaka Bento

New Brand
Household Department, B1

Exclusive to Takashimaya. Takenaka, the maker of beautiful Japanese style Bento Boxes, is a well-trusted Japanese company that was established in 1925. For 90 years, Takenaka’s bento boxes have been sold in most high-end and mega chain stores in Japan

1. Cocopot Lunch Bento – Peppermint
If you love cooking, you probably know this shape!. But these cute little pots are not for cooking, but for eating. These compact bento boxes by Takenaka are perfect for kids or to bring part of your lunch meal at work.

2. Expanded Double Bento Box – Lavender
This lunch box has a very simple, yet beautiful design. Open inside to find two layers of bento box goodness that is perfect for a larger lunch. The top layer comes with a seal cover to ensure no leaks and contain smells.

3. Bento Bowl – Lemon Zest
The first bento box in a bowl! Store your favourite soups and meals into a traditional bowl form and enjoy the food wherever you are.

Price will range from

$26.90 – $45.90