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Household Department, B1

The Deep Cultural Significance of Guan Yin and Guan Gong

Royal Selangor Launches New Additions to Celestial Blessings in Collaboration with Renowned Sculptor Xu Xiao Yong. The deep cultural significance of Guan Yin and Guan Gong, two of the most iconic deities in Chinese mythology is further explored in beautifully rendered sculptures by renowned sculptor Master Xu Xiao Yong.

Born and raised in Jiangxi, the southeast province of China, Xu is a recipient of numerous awards and is recognised as one of the top sculptors in China while also serving as a member of the United Nations Arts Initiative as well as the Deputy Secretary for the Zhao Art Research Association. Among his masterpieces include the Peace Goddess of Mercy for the United Nations Collections.

Guan Yin who personifies perfect compassion is depicted in contemplative meditation. She wears her hair in a high chignon and is draped in a flowing robe. Her adornments consist of a necklace and headdress. The rhythmic treatment of details, from her serene expression to the numerous folds of her robes, demonstrates Xu’s masterful craftsmanship.

Guan Gong, the embodiment of martial valour and virtue, is portrayed in a rare scholarly pose. Sitting upright with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade resting behind him, he is placidly reading the Spring and Autumn Annals.

Usher in Prosperity and Good Fortune Royal Selangor ushers in the 2018 Year of the Dog with a collection featuring the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac.
The dog’s protective nature has captured the Chinese imagination for thousands of years. As stone guardians of Chinese palaces and temples, the Foo Dog, a mythical dog with a part lion nature, is believed to ward off evil. This time around, the collection spotlights the Chow Chow, a Northern Chinese dog breed whose regal appearance and devoted nature bears a close resemblance to the Foo Dog.