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Better known for presenting the modern woman with a chic yet effortless wardrobe of barefoot luxury and exceptional craftsmanship, Milea’s Resort 18 collection evokes a sense of wanderlust through its alluring design features and desirable prints that embody the worldly natured girl.

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Pushkar Paisley – Inspired by the sacred city of India on the outskirts of the romantic Rajasthan Desert, Pushkar Paisley perfectly mimics the elaborate palaces and hilltop temples, paisley and embroidered crafts that are discovered among the shimmering trinkets of artisan markets. A colour pallet of sterling blue and deep indigo sit side by side luxuries trimmings and lace details to create a nostalgic story.
Ocean Orchard – Delicate florals and pastel hues make up the beautiful story of Ocean Orchard. Over swim kaftan styles take their place while the swimwear offers refinement and ease in bursts of green and blue ocean hues.

Metallic Stripe – Evoking a sense of edge and glamour, Metallic Stripe is inspired by the minimalistic coastlines that come to life in an illusion of movement. It calls for women who are classically cool, and at one with the world around her.

Tapestry – A deep, alluring colour palette evokes a certain sense of romance through its lingerie inspired designs and sweet botanical blooms. The golden ages come alive with intricate details and nostalgic glamour.

Mini Rib – An everyday essential and a must-have in any woman’s summer wardrobe. Mini Rib embraces simplicity at its best. New silhouettes channel a vintage inspired look with the High Brazilian Pant and Sweetheart Neck Maillot, while on trend colourways of Baked Clay and Seaspray are featured to transition you from season to season with ease.