Kyoto Potato

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Sweet Potato
4 Flavour (Original, Purple Potato, Salt, Chestnut)
$6.00 / pc

Specialists in sweet potato confections, we make the sweets of your dreams.

Our Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes are rich in minerals and are grown on the great fields of Tokushima Prefecture. Our milk and cream come from the farms of Hokkaido. By combining these local products, we have achieved a taste made with love and great care.

The rich fragrance of sweet potatoes will envelop you the moment you unwrap one of our confections; and its soft texture will delightfully surprise you when you bring it to your lips.

Our confections come in a rich variety of flavours, including purple sweet potato, salt and chestnut. Or you may choose to delight in the natural sweet potato flavour of our plain sweets.


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