New Collection
Household Department, B1

Experience the new blender from Happycall, the #1 selling cookware brand in Korea!
The latest “AXLERIM” Ultimate Power Blender boasts the following features and accolades:

  • Top-selling Power Blender in Korea: Record sales of 3,000 units within 1 hour in Korean TV show!
  • BPA-free 2L Tritan Jug: Lightweight, heat & shock resistant, highly durable (same material as baby milk bottles)
  • Thermometer Tamper: Efficient blending tool, convenient measuring of soup temperature
  • Full stainless steel Axlerim spine with high strength 420J2 STS blade
  • Powerful super UAC Motor: 3.5 Horsepower, more 400 rounds per second!
  • Multiple Blending Usage: Hot soup, porridge, juice, smoothie, soya milk, etc