Dashing Diva

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In 2003, Dashing Diva was established in New York, launching its first high-quality nail spa. Dashing Diva has quickly grown to become a global nail salon brand with top-quality nail artists and over 80 salons worldwide including USA, Korea, Japan and Australia.
Dashing Diva delivers innovative solutions with professional salon know-how to create safe, effortless, comfortable and stylish nail products.
Dashing Diva’s products maintain the health of your nails while elevating your style. Dashing Diva Magic Press nails are soft
with a light, natural feel. Ready-to-apply, anytime, anywhere, in one second. When you’re ready to switch things up, they can be easily and safely removed. Say goodbye to acetone soak-offs or other harsh chemicals and treatments that leave your skin dry and nails weak.
Be spoilt by Magic Press nails’ variety of trendy and intricate designs, vibrant colours and glossy hues. There’s something for every style and occasion. Make a statement or complete a look. Be ready for plenty of ‘likes’ and comments online and in real life.
Dashing Diva aspires to make hands and feet the center of women’s style evolution. The way you do nails is changed forever.