New Collection
Household Department, B1

Alluring and enduring, Corelle’s extensive array of stylish patterns complements any elegant homes. Dainty Flora, exclusively available at Takashimaya, featuring a sprinkle of petite flower with a fresh, dewy finish to awaken your mornings. 

Available in variety of shapes and sizes for Corelle dinnerware with complementary CorningWare cookware, creating a perfect setting for your meals.  Proudly made in USA, with FDA approved colourants, chip and break resistant, space-saving nestable stacking: timeless quality with elegance.

An enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of life, the Sakura or Cherry Blossom has long been an emblem of love, affection and the arrival of spring. In the romantic Sakura Collection, the exquisite Cherry Blossom adorns each piece, bringing the simple beauty of nature to your table.

The arrangement of the silky pink blooms on each piece of the collection brings to mind a shower of blossoms drifting in the wind. With its simplicity of design representative of the simple beauty of the Cherry Blossom, the Sakura Collection is the ideal accompaniment to every meal.