Baccarat x Pokémon Collection

Household Department, B1

Baccarat celebrates Pokémon and honors a fan favorite!

A pop-culture star, Pikachu has captivated the world for a quarter of a century. As cute as it is formidable, the little character shocks its opponents with its lightning-fast moves. More dazzling than ever in a Baccarat version, it is transformed into a collector’s item. With its arms wide open, ears alert, and highly recognizable tail, the little figurine is as endearing as the famous Pokémon. The most precious gift for all Pokémon fans across the world.

There is also a radiant Poké Ball. The Poké Ball, the iconic item used by Trainers to capture Pokémon, has been transformed into a collector’s item. Used as a paperweight or placed alone on a shelf, dressed in a gold mesh, this Poké Ball will be the ideal gift for all fans of the franchise.

Available now at Household Department, B1.