Anastasia by Raine

New Brand
Ladies’ Fashion, Level 3

ABR takes serious pride in hand-crafting every single thing with sincerity. The logic is really simple – I want you to feel the sincerity from every touchpoint with ABR. Each piece is made out of a significant personal experience. It is a testimony of the newfound strength from every beautiful lesson learnt through this lifetime. ABR constantly reminds me of the freedom I gain from breaking out of the redundant societal norms. DESIRETTE, my very first design, featured three tiers of fringes on a crossbody. Those fringes were symbolic representation of tears – tears of anger, tears of disappointment and tears of strength. I want to pass this strong message around – it is ok to cry, it is ok to feel disappointed, but know that at the end of the day, your life is worth more than just these. Stand up, dust yourself, and continue to journey with a stronger outlook and a stronger you.