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Tea Time in Taiwan
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Since 1989, OTOP (One Town One Product) has been launched by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of Taiwan to select industries with quality products and International competitiveness to represent Taiwan. Tea Time in Taiwan brings to you, the finest quality of Teas and Tea wares. – Eastern Tea Factory, a rich heritage built up from generations of high quality tea-making. The current generation tea artisan, Liu Hong Wei, since 1978, has won the top prize in Taiwan’s annual seasonal competitions for quality and consistency. Master Liu Hong Wei also received the title of 3 CATEGORIES CHAMPION (三冠茶王) for producing excellent tea in 3 categories, namely the Tea Making, Tea Roasting, and Tea Quality. – Permanent Revolution of Tea (京盛宇) would like to invite everyone to enjoy a perfect cup of Tea. Through this unique experience of fusing the traditional and modern elements of Taiwanese Tea, together with passion and expertise, we hope that many people can feel the value created by Taiwan’s culture and nature.

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