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Roger Vivier
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Roger Vivier, the eponymous Maison of the man known as the “Fabergé of footwear” has been making women’s dreams come true since 1937, when Monsieur Roger Vivier opened his own workshop at 22 rue Royale in Paris. For decades, his creations have adorned the feet of the most desirable and most powerful women all over the world: Marlène Dietrich, HRM Queen Elizabeth II of England, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Josephine Baker and Catherine Deneuve, among many others. Pushing the limits of conventional design, while still respecting the golden rules of balance, Vivier sculpted audacious but pure heel lines: Aiguille, Choc, Virgule, and Polichinelle, to name but a few, thus changing the fashion landscape forever.

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