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At MaxCoil, we are constantly driven by our commitment to provide value and quality products to our valued customers. To be the leading brand providing innovative and quality products, to take care of your ideal sleeping and restful experience.

We started off as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter in foam industry, producing a wide variety of foams for use in the fields of medical, hospitality, bedding and sofa, among others.

After a decade of hard work, we expanded and included best quality spring coils and mattress ticking to our product line. Combined with our expertise on foams, we make the finest beds for our customers.

All mattresses are manufactured in accordance with the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) standards. We acquired Sanitized® Switzerland license for durable and long lasting in-built antimicrobial protection on all of our mattresses.

In recent years, we have also extended our product lines to Bedframes and Sofas, under our same brand name – MaxCoil.

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