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Guang Cheng
Food & Beverages / Basement 2

Rays of early spring light burst through the skies on Lala Mountain, a faint mist drifted through the air, and the fields were lush with all manners of flora. Because our founder was immensely interested in researching Chinese medicine, he casually traversed up the mountain one day to collect herbs. He encountered an 100-year-old man who had isolated himself in the moantains. The old man observed him with distance quite a while. Upon noticing that the visitor collected herbs in a meticulous and gentle way in order not to uproot the plants, the old man began to discuss with him about herbs. Later, he instructed his essential knowledge on Chinese medicinal herbs (The Emperor’s Inner Canon), hoping he could help people in need in the future. The master also told him about medicinal theories and the difference between yin and yang, appreciating the wonders of Chinese medicinal culture, and it ultimately influenced his selections on the ingredients of vinegar fermentation.

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