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Throughout the ages of history and time, adventurers have used azimuth, a signature denominator of bearings and direction, to guide them through unchartered lands. The Azimuth can only be fully understood by individuals who seek the avant-garde, the fine line between logic and illogic. With Azimuth, you navigate different universes.

You are brought to fascinating and mysterious dimensions, which have never ventured into by humankind.

Navigate the unknown with Azimuth.

An Azimuth timepiece is characterised by its adventurous spirit that is ever ready to take on navigation to different dimensions. It is a product of a unique universe that we humans cannot fully access, yet somehow, glimpses of that universe have been made known to us by our venturous ancestors. Time is captured and recorded according to that universe’s modus operandi, and presented to you in the most unconventional and visually-arresting of ways.

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