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Aunty Esther's
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Aunty Esther’s culinary skill was honed in the kitchen of her father’s seafood restaurant. Her curiosity to learn more led her to expand her competence as a baker too. In 2014 Aunty Esther had an idea to utilize her knowledge and experience in baking and cooking – she fused the traditional seafood restaurant’s salted egg yolk recipe into the Aunty Esther’s snacks that you are enjoying today. Aunty Esther only uses 100% salted egg yolks and the best ingredients to produce the signature Aunty Esther’s Salted Egg Fish Skin and Salted Egg Potato Crisps. And the result? Savoury, crispy, non-oily salted egg fish skin and salted egg potato crisps! Aunty Esther’s. The pioneer in salted egg snacks. Purveyor of fantastic snacks.

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