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Asics Walking
Men's Fashion / Level 3

“Let’s make shoes that sportsmen challenging the records can wear with their blazers after leaving the sports arena, such as travelling or arriving at the arena.”

In 1983, ASICS founder, kihachiro Onitsuka (then-CEO), made his long-term idea come true. DIfferent from the past concept of trying to make “faster” sports shoes, he came out with a totally different shoe making concept, that is, “Walking is the fundamental behaviour of human beings. In the high-speed, organized and materiality sufficient modern civilization which relies on transportation equipment, let’s restore our health and rich humanity by slowing down through walking”.

Having explored the meaning of “walking”, established the great idea and made use of the know-how of biomechanics cultivated from the research and making of sports shoes, WalkingShoes “PEDALA” was born, conveying the initial idea of “Have a nice walking.”

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