Leading a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult! The best way to start looking after your personal well-being is by implementing small changes throughout your day, while creating a wellness routine that is simple and realistic to achieve. Here are some simple wellness practices to incorporate into your everyday life:


Start your morning with a refreshing cold shower! An ice-cold shower has many benefits, such as increased alertness, pore tightening, stimulating weight loss and reducing stress. Be sure to switch up your soap and shampoo for ones that help moisturise, as showers can strip your body of its natural oils. PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Hydrate Bundle Set uses argan oil to nourish damaged and dry hair.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Hydrate Bundle Set, $294
Ladies Fashion Department, Level 3

Selecting the right shoes with optimum support is important, especially if you are constantly moving throughout the day. Crafted in 100% Argentinean Bovine Leather, Anothersole creates dress shoes that are suitable for work while combining the technology of running sneakers. A breathable sports footbed that gives maximum support for long wearing comfort makes it the perfect footwear.

Anothersole, $129.90
Ladies’ Shoes Department, Level 2

An 8-hour work day can often mean that we are seated for most of the day. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting can have dangerous health effects such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression. Be sure to take breaks by taking short walks in the office. Tracking your activity using a smart watch can also help remind you to get your daily physical activity in!

Garmin Smart Watch, $459.00 

Sleep plays a huge role in physical health, and getting good quality rest is key in maintaining well-being. A good pillow can help to provide the necessary support for your neck and spine, providing better comfort during sleep. Recuperate and rehydrate your skin with an overnight face mask that works in sync with your skin’s natural night time recovery process, especially if you tend to sleep in air-conditioning. Phiten’s Aqua Gold Shiatsu Pillow will improve blood circulation on our central nervous system in your sleep with our Aqua Gold Technology.

Phiten Aqua Gold Shiatsu Pillow, $368.00
Sports Department, Level 4

Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask, $144 (100ml) and $55 (30ml)
Cosmetics Department, Level 1


Be sure to check out the various beauty and health products at Takashimaya that can be incorporated into your daily life to increase overall wellness!