Ultimate Brand Guide

Wondering what it takes to have all eyes on you on the fashion runway of Orchard Road? Wondering what is the ultimate brand guide to follow this current season? Do not fear. Takashimaya is here to provide you with the ultimate fashionable brands to follow!

Are you ready?


Men need to wear fashionable clothes outside, but the body needs a more comfortable wearing. B-Three MEN, who specializes in stretch pants, has launched men’s clothing, which has solved this seemingly contradictory problem for men.

They look very similar to non-stretch pants, but you only feel the difference when you put them on. They become more flexible when you bend or flex, and move with you instead of acting as a barrier.

“Once you wear them, you can’t leave them.” Would you like to try them on?

Please proceed to Level 3, Ladies Wear Department, Takashimaya Department Store for more information.



Love Moschino

Love Moschino has the creative, intelligent, ironic character of the Moschino brand and blend it with all the qualities of LOVE: empathy, feeling and closeness. The name is even more consistent with the present collection, in which denim is no longer the only featured player.

The famous Japanese Writer, Haruki Murakami had once said that “Be Fearless, Be Brave, Be Bold, Love Yourself” and this couldn’t be truer for Love Moschino. The iconic bold LOVE for the brand never fails to disappoint with its eccentric and fresh designs every season.



Founded in 1987, Anya Hindmarch is a luxury accessories brand synonymous with craftsmanship, personalisation pieces and a British sense of humour. From designing her very first bag to critically-acclaimed London Fashion Week shows, Anya Hindmarch has approached every project with the creativity and humour that has become synonymous with the brand.

Looking for the ultimate classic and high craftsmanship accessories? Anya Hindmarch bags are the way to go. Solid design forged with premium materials to showcase your personal standard.


In 1970, Kenzo Takada installed a patch of jungle in the Galerie Vivienne in the heart of Paris. With its colourful prints and declaration of freedom, Kenzo shook up the couture codes of the time by irreverently breaking the rules. Keeping this joyous and colourful heritage alive, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took over the artistic direction of the House in 2011. This extraordinary creative duo rediscovered the pioneering and offbeat spirit that lies behind Kenzo’s success.

Eccentric, vibrant prints and artistic otherworldly designs hit the spot for KENZO’s fans! Rocking the look with its design and letting its design scream out ‘unconstraint’ to everyone around you.


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