The festive snacking season has dawned upon us once more! Beyond traditional treats, every year sees the entrance of new and exciting flavors, leaving us in a dilemma over what Chinese New Year goodies to try.  

Read on if you’re looking to munch your way through the Chinese New Year with our snacks round-up for 2021!


Bake Inc.

Spice up your taste buds with home-grown brand Bake Inc.’s Tom Yum Murukku! Crunchy and savoury, you can’t help but come back for seconds once you’ve tasted these decadent murukku crackers.

Available in two different flavours – tom yum and salted egg yolk, this addictive snack is a definite local favourite!


Pryce Tea

Compliment the robust flavours of CNY snacks with a cup of tea from local artisanal tea company, Pryce Tea. With internationally-acclaimed tea awards to their name, it’s worth giving Pryce Tea’s Singapore-inspired flavours a shot! 

The Siloso Night embodies the tropical lightness of lemongrass and mint, together with the flowery fragrance of Eucalyptus and Rosemary harmoniously. Great for sharing, treat your guests to a cup of Siloso Night or take your pick from the Singapore collection for a refined snacking session. 


Shifting from traditional flavours, old-school bakery Kele reinvents the wheel with splashes of colours added to the typical pineapple tart. Boosting unique combinations, their matcha buttery crust holds the perfect balance to its tangy yet sweet pineapple jam filling among all.

Pop one of these bite-sized treats into your mouth and expect an explosion of flavours!

Careshop De Cafe 

Here’s something to munch on sans the feasting guilt! Careshop De Cafe’s vacuum baked white beech mushrooms is the healthy alternative to typical calorie-filled CNY snacks. Without the need for heat, these vegetable snacks have a longer shelf life, stays fresh longer, and are less susceptible to damage too. Your health-conscious guests will have you to thank you for stocking up on these vacuum baked goodies. 

East Ocean

Sink your teeth into a slice of Prosperity Harvest from East Ocean and usher in an auspicious year! The nian gao (new year cake or literally “sticky cake”), takes on the image of a carp which is symbolic of having abundance or excess for the coming year. Beautifully crafted, the nian gao is a crowd favourite among kids or mochi fans due to its sticky sweet texture.

Eat your way into the new year filled with greater prospects and high hopes with a piece of carp nian gao!

My Mum’s Cookies

Love your greens? Then you’re in for a treat with My Mum’s Cookies’ Vegetarian Prosperity Gift Set. Catered with vegetarians and vegans in mind, be spoilt for choice with up to 10 types of eggless cookies to choose from! Take your pick from an array of nutty flavours such as pistachio, roasted hazelnut, to stand-alone snacks like pineapple balls, or light seaweed crackers. The last thing you’ll worry about is running out of options for a good munch!

Pat Chun

Hailing from Hong Kong, Pat Chun does savoury snacks with finesse. Rolled up into balls of goodness, their Fried Taro Ball Gift Box elevates the flavour notes of a simple root vegetable like yam.

Comparable to a light dim sum dish, pair these fried taro balls with a neutral drink such as oolong tea to get in on the full taste.

Mei Xin


The ubiquitous egg roll gets a fresh take with Mei Xin’s Arome Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Egg White Roll. Fret not if you cannot  visit the land of the rising sun, you can now enjoy the rich flavours of Japan right in the comfort of your home. 

Mei Xin’s Hokkaido milk flavour delivers a sweet, smooth creaminess that coats your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

Chinese New Year celebrations simply won’t feel right without all these delectable CNY goodies!

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