Organising a festive get-together over dinner with close friends and family is a sure-fire way to get everyone in the mood for Christmas this season. However, entertaining a large group of guests can be a lot of work. Here are some tips to plan the perfect Christmas dinner party.



Set yourself up for success with beautiful tableware. From rustic ceramic plates to pristine porcelain, the type of dinnerware you choose can determine the formality of the party. Stick to a colour palette to create a cohesive and beautiful table setting. Decorate your dinner table with a floral centerpiece to tie everything together.


Chocolate Christmas Tree Large from Laurent Bernard, $88.00

Deciding what food to offer can be difficult especially with dietary restrictions, time limitations and price point. Catered buffets are a fuss-free option for the time strapped hostess, while those with more time can try whipping up home-cooked recipes. Don’t forget a dessert table to end your night on a sweet note — this Chocolate Christmas Tree from Laurent Bernard is sure to be a showstopper!


Accessories Tree With Bird and Egg Light, $118
Candles from To Be Calm, $60
Interior Department, B1

Creating the right mood can help get conversations flowing at your dinner party. Play acoustic or jazz versions of classic Christmas carols to bring up the holiday spirit. Use warm and dim lighting to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere. A tip is to use scented candles to create a warm and inviting ambience


ranges around $9-$103 each
Interior Department, B1

Live Christmas Trees
5-6 Ft, $208
6-7 Ft, $258
7-8Ft, $323

No party is complete without decorations! Skip the store bought tinsel and create your own homemade decorations this year. Make it a family bonding activity by having your kids engage in some arts and crafts to create stockings, banners, wreaths and more. Store bought decorations are just as great if you’re short on time. Hang your homemade décor on this fresh pine tree from $9 – $293.



Play santa for the evening and present your guests with gifts! Complete your christmas shopping list at Takashimaya where you’re sure to find something for everyone, big or small. Not sure what to get? Don’t worry, it’s the thought that counts!


With these tips you can stop fretting over the details and make your next holiday party a breeze! Don’t miss opportunities to create memories with your loved ones, because every special moment is a gift.