Summer Wellness: Your first step to Healthy Living

We all know that to portray our best self with a healthy image, we will need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is more than a healthy diet, it encompasses the use of appropriate, skin care and body care products that stimulate the healthy and beautiful body.

Organised by Takashimaya Departmental Store, Summer Wellness (Fri 6 Apr to Wed 16 May 2018) is an event to promote a healthy lifestyle. In this event, we showcase various types of health products that will significantly help you.


Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil, 100ml – $90

Clarins is your perfect body oil that offers the flawless solution to keep your skin moisturized while relaxing your mind and improving your body’s overall health. This body oil protects the skin against dehydration, empowering the skin to be rejuvenated and refreshed. It also emits a pleasant aroma that releases tension and instills a sensation of good health.  On top of that, it is produced from 100% pure plant extracts and is formulated with essential oils of broom, geranium, and marjoram to assist the elimination of toxins, firms the skin tissue and prevent cellulitis.


Thann Facial Sunscreen $43

Protect your delicate skin from harmful UV ray with Thann Facial Sunscreen. With UVA-UVB filters, the sunscreen protects skin from premature aging and wrinkling. Without leaving any greasy residue on your face, Thann’s oil-free formula spreads easily and absorbs quickly on your face. Dermatologically tested, the sunscreen has no artificial colour, it is Paraben-free and Mineral-oil free. Additionally, its white tea extract that is rich in Polyphenols acts as an anti-oxidant to protect against free radical.


THREE Cleansing Oil – $68
THREE Clearing Foam – $58
THREE Treatment Lotion – $98
THREE Treatment Emulsion – $109
THREE Treatment Cream – $130


THREE Cleansing Oil and Clearing Foam work together to help cleans the pores and conquers excess sebum.

THREE Treatment Lotion is an extraordinary spring of vitality, the necessary, initial step toward a total transfiguration. This rich and silky lotion noticeably brightens the complexion and drives moisture deep into the skin to help the skin looks healthier. After cleansing, sprinkle a small amount onto a cotton pad. Press into the skin.

THREE Treatment Emulsion tranquilizes the weakened skin and helps it ease up. Gently covering the skin with a luxuriating sensation, it completely replenishes moisture in the inner skin layer and revitalizes a healthy balance of moisture and sebum. With our treatment emulsion, it packs the skin with hydration and protects the entry of any trouble-causing factors. Even dry and rough skin turns out to be so smooth and soft that it becomes irresistible.

THREE Treatment Cream is a nourishing cream formula that smoothens fine lines. It also acts as an instrumental tool in protecting against the sun that promotes anti-aging by lightening spots and blemishes and brightens overall tone, leaving the skin more supple and radiant in appearance.

Honey Farm

Manuka UMF13+ 1kg & Enhanced Raw Honey (900g) – $375
Manuka UMF15+ 1kg & Enhanced Raw Manuka (900g) – $410
Manuka UMF10+ 1kg – $175
Manuka Honey 1kg (2btls) – $170
Wild Flowers Honey 3kg – $58


Endorsed by the UMF trademark, Honey Farm’s Manuka Honey is highly regarded for its special fragrance that brings in a relaxing experience for consumers. When eaten straight from the jar, it exudes a rich silk flavor and is intensely delicious. Furthermore, the UMF grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey and assures its purity and quality.

Sakamoto Kurozu

Sakamoto Black Vinegar – $71


Sakamoto Black Vinegar renowned for its distinctive and rich taste is meticulously made and refined to produce the most outstanding black vinegar. It is initially blended with steamed rice, rice mold, and the area’s groundwater, then leave it to be fermented for more than a year, without using yeast and alcohol. This long fermentation process gives this black vinegar lesser acidity compared to other vinegar. It is a perfect complement to salad dressings as well as a health beverage after dilution.


Abs Fit – $299
Body Fit – $229


Coupled with its cordless design, SixPad is fabricated to be thin with lasting silk-print electrodes by using a soft silicone that conforms to the shapes of the body. It stimulates muscles in targeted areas to ensure that muscles are strengthened, toned and defined after each usage.


Body Make Seat Style – $129/$139


The ethos of beauty is determined by the posture of a body that portrays an S-curve. S curve comes from proper alignment and maintaining your sitting posture. Keeping this as the focus, Body Make Seat Style was designed to give the body posture a beautiful S-curve with the knowledge and techniques used to align the body (chiropractic medicine).


Balance Chair Cuvilady – $159


Cuvilady adopts a 360° swing training to your abdominal muscle to help define an attractive waist for you. It firmly wraps around your waist, allowing the muscles around your waist to move naturally while swinging. Its 3D pelvis seating surface works with the women’s curves accurately and strengthens the deep muscles in the abdominal muscles. It is made suitable for hip size between 70cm to 110cm.


Sierra Active Sneakers for ladies with engineered knit upper and dual density outsole – $229.95


Sierra Active Sneakers offer the perfect solution to support and well-being. This shoe has a complete stretch fabric upper that has ample space to accommodate feet without any pressure asserted, while also stabilizing with the heel cup with an arch support. It is an ideal, lightweight shoe for brisk walking or moderate exercise as it will remain comfortable even on swollen feet.

Vionic is the only product recommended by America’s doctor, Andrew Weil, MD. He recognizes its success in relieving pain naturally, bringing extreme comfort when walking.

Pass the Juice

Cucumber & Green Apple Juice with sprig of mint leaves – $4.50 12oz


Cucumbers and apples are incredibly rich in alkaline, helping you to achieve body’s natural pH and is suitable for people who felt dehydrated.

This Cucumber and Green Apple Juice provides ultimate nutritious, light, refreshing cucumber and green apple blend in perfect harmony that is quintessential for both children and adults. It releases tension, allows you to feel happier and less stressful.

Salad Stop

The Earth Bowl Salad & Wrap – $12


Pop by at SaladStop, one of the healthy food spot to have healthy tasty eats. You will find it easy to finish all of Earth Bowl Salad! It mixes an array of fresh vegetables, baked mushroom tossed with Thai Lemongrass and served with super protein patty!

SaladStop prides themselves on serving only the freshest ingredients – “Every ingredient takes less than 72 hours from earth to bowl.”

So what are you waiting for? Come on down today and join us in our Summer Wellness campaign!