Summer Hokkaido Fair


Konnichiwa-minasan! It’s time of the year again to experience the love of the kingdom of food in Japan, Hokkaido! The magnificent Summer Hokkaido fair at Takashimaya is back with a bigger bang this time around! From now to Wed 29th July 2018, Takashimaya Shopping Centre will be bringing the most delicious and enticing treats you can ever find from the land of the rising sun to the Food Hall, B2! Ranging from the luscious seafood, delectable fresh produce, piquant dairy products, and delicious bento goodness to the delicate sweet treats that would wow your very skilful taste buds.

Hokkaido, a land located at the south of Japan, loaded with wide ranges of amazing food that would keep you coming for more. With seasonal dishes for summer on the line, what you can expect right here at Takashimaya could definitely help you to beat the heat in Singapore. Many had said that the deliciousness, as well as beautiful appearance of the food, lies in the wisdom and dedication of its maker. The precision and the heart of devotion of the Japanese had topped the notch on delivering the best to you.


Exclusively for this Hokkaido Fair at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, we have brought in the famous premium Sweet Potatoes ($10/pack) and Gift Horse Oil and Placeta All-In-One Gel (Limited to only 10pcs/day) from Hokkaido! If that’s not enough to excite you, we have the gorgeous and delicious Salmon Belly (Limited to only 25pcs), Ika Wasabi (Limited to only 25pcs), Grilled Shisyamo (Limited to only 10kg) and Nemuro Kagayaki Bento (Limited to 30 Boxes) and Prawn Toast Roll (Limited to 300pcs) that kept you drooling for more!

Fans of the massive Japanese king crabs? If you are, you are in for an ultimate treat! Boiled King Crab Legs ($14/100g), Whole King Crab ($250/pc) and Jumbo King Crab Croquette ($7.80/pc). Just keep them coming!

Other than the king of all seafood, the Hokkaido Fair also features the delicious kaki-fry, fried oysters ($10/4-pc pack)! Umami flavour of the ocean with the crispy crunch on the exterior and the munch could only get better!

Crackling on the other side of the seafood list are the heavenly grilled cuisines of Hokkaido! Starting with the mouth-watering Grilled Scallop, Squid, Corn ($8/stick), Onion Fish Cake ($3.50/pc) along with the enticing and savoury Shima Hokke ($20/pc).

If you’re looking for the other famous Hokkaido fresh and dried produce, you could grab up an abundance of loots at Takashimaya Summer Hokkaido Fair too! From Karashi-Mentaiko ($18/100g), Dried Scallops ($80/100g) and Scallop Cheese ($15/100g).

Lastly for all the sweet tooths, we have the renowned Yubari Melon Pure Jelly ($14/3pcs-pack), delicious Hokkaido Milk Gelato ($5/cone), Milk and Matcha Cream Puffs ($10/4pcs-set) to beat the heat in Singapore!

It had always been an honour to showcase the best food in Japan right here at Takashimaya! Letting our beloved customer in Singapore have a taste of the amazing food without having to jet off! So, come on down to the Hokkaido Fair located at Food Hall, B2, Takashimaya Departmental Store!

Mata-ne minasan!