Enhance your beauty with our new, luxurious products

Flaunt your beautiful complexion with our latest beauty products at Level 1, Takashimaya Departmental Store. Discover new and exclusive brands at special deals in our newly renovated beauty counters! These products will keep you looking and feeling your very best. Get ready to stock up on the most luxurious items in your entire skin-care collection, including a total refreshing CHANTECAILLE essence and many more.



Contemporary, natural and luxurious are the main ingredients of this French-born Chantecaille brand. Chantecaille Pure Rosewater delivers a flawless rose extracts that defy trends. This rare extract of the Rose de Mai is brimming with antioxidants, aiding tired skin to gain a more youthful image.


Infused with real rose petals, experience powerful deep hydration and a sensory experience with Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner, an alcohol-free, multi-benefit liquid skincare which not only cleanses the skin of pollution particles and surface debris, it also deeply hydrates, softens and smoothes, refines pores and primes your skin. The result is smooth, supple, nourished skin that is perfectly primed for the rest of your skincare ritual.


White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire is a lavish cream infused with Lumidose, the extraordinary molecule of light. It helps skin reach new levels of luminosity and evenness — measurable in two weeks, visible in four, extraordinary in eight.


Hydra-Global Serum is a powerful hydration booster, it retrains the skin to rehydrate itself on its own. Rehydrated from within, the skin is more beautiful and ready to withstand the hands of time


The History of Whoo’s worldwide best-seller, with more than 4 million bottles sold worldwide since its launch, is a smart essence that treats skin concerns at the roots of its cause.

Combining traditional Korean ingredients with modern science, this essence secures your skin from wrinkles and, thus, enhance your authentic beauty.

This essence boasts of its skin self-generation effects. It revitalizes skin and heightens skin’s self-renewal power to help all kinds of skin problems, including dryness, fine lines, sagginess, and dullness whilst strengthening skin’s protection power and circulation for a renewed complexion.


Hera’s Black Cushion creates a semi-matte finish and feels featherlight on the skin. This formula lasts incredibly throughout the day with zero touch-ups needed. On top of that, it is sweat-resistant and performs well, even in humid weather.