With the festive season fast approaching, discover how you can add another dimension to one of this season’s most delightful traditions — gifting! Sprinkle a little style as you wrap your Christmas gifts with our unique Japanese inspired form of wrapping. While sadly we can’t do it for you this year but you can still elevate your gifts by mastering these simple steps. Characterised by simple folds and the use of a single piece of tape, this elegant and immaculate craft adds depth to the presentation of your gifts. Get ready to impress your friends and family as you follow these 5 simple steps and add value to your gifts this Christmas!


Mastering One Tape Japanese

gift wrapping in 5 Steps at home!


Before we start, you will need: 

  • A Christmas gift that you would like to wrap
  • Large and square-shaped wrapping paper
  • (Optional): A small marker and ruler to help take measurements and mark out folds

Step 1:

Let’s get cracking with

this wrapping!


Let’s start by measuring out the right paper length! First, place your gift at the centre of a large square piece of wrapping paper. Make sure it is large enough to generously cover the entire gift. After doing so, shift the gift to any corner and rotate it diagonally. Realign the box again by flipping it over twice and shifting towards the opposite corner of the wrapping paper.


Once your gift is neatly in place and diagonally turned, form your very first fold by bringing the tip of the corner over the gift and forming a crease that looks like a triangle. This small triangle will help align your gift as you continue folding. So remember, do not move your gift!


Step 2:

Let the festive

folding begin!

Step 3:

Fold up!

What’s next?

Now that we have mastered our first fold, let’s move on to the next step! Grab the nearest corner across your gift and fold it over. This should form a triangle large enough to cover most of your gift and also your first fold as well.


This is where it gets tricky! Once your gift has been covered with both corners, simply flip the gift over to cover the top of the gift as well. Remember to neatly tuck away any excess wrapping paper underneath as you are flipping the gift.


Step 4:

Give your gift

a festive flip

Step 5:

More Christmas,

less corners

Of the two remaining unfolded corners, identify the smaller one. After having done so, fold the smaller corner across your gift. This should leave one remaining large corner.


Congratulations, you have one last step! Simply grab the remaining corner of your wrapping paper and fold it inwards, into the centre of the gift. Remember to gently crease the edges around to secure the folds in place. With the final fold in place, use a small piece of tape to hold the tip of the corner down.


Step 6:

It’s a wrap!

Gift exchange is considered one of the most beloved festive traditions. Gifting gives us the opportunity to express our appreciation to our loved ones, which is why this Japanese style of wrapping is the perfect form of expression! In just a few simple steps, you can turn an ordinary gift into something genuine and memorable.

 So don’t forget to add that special touch of warmth and love this Christmas as you beautify your gifts in our Japanese style of wrapping.