Following these steps will help you to create a stylish and inviting home — with minimal effort. Who knew decorating could be fuss-free?


Build a Space for Conversation


The coffee table is a great social space in the home to break ice with your guests. Make this area inviting by placing decorative bowls, fruits, flowers, candles, and, of course, the occasional coffee table book. Remember to arrange them in groups of three, as they will look more cohesive and attractive. You can also use a large decorative showpiece to anchor the arrangement, while building around it with smaller items like these animal money banks from SABO Designs. Their different and vibrant colours offer something for every taste. Because of the technique used, each animal is unique, and has their own character.

Chicken, Frog, and Penguin Coin Banks from SABO Designs, GERMANY,
$39, (Exclusively in Takashimaya)


Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Some general pointers to note when choosing the right bath rug for your living space, right scale of size, right comfort underfoot, right fuss-free maintenance, not forgetting the right chic designer patterns for inspiring transformation or simply the right colors to accentuate your décor style.

Personalise your precious living space with CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection Lofte – the luxurious Memory Foam Mat made from 100% flannel fleece, extra comfortable memory foam filling and complete with safety-enhanced SBR anti-skid backing resulting in an irresistible plush softness, superior absorbency & high durability. Perfect for your stylish bath room, living space or kitchen!

Lofte from Charles Millen
43 x 61cm(S)-  $29.90
50 x 76cm(M)- $39.90
60 x 90cm(L)- $49.90


The building block of any table setting is the humble tablecloth. Besides opting for one that reflects your style, the tablecloth has to properly fit your table. As a general rule of thumb, the shape of the cloth should follow the table, but oval tables and round tables can also be covered with rectangular or square tablecloths. Choose linens or cottons like [Le Jacquard Francais] because they are durable, absorbent, soft, and provide the most luxurious feel.

Le Jacquard Francais from T-Shop
$22-$529 (Exclusively in Takashimaya)

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