Mooncake fever has arrived at Takashimaya! The highlight of our annual Mid-Autumn festive celebrations, our Mooncake Fair is happening now to Mon 24 Sep 2018 at Takashimaya Square, B2! With over 50 premium brands to choose from, discover the first of our two-part guide as we present the best of our favourite mooncake varieties!


One can never go wrong with the classic traditional baked mooncake. Sweet lotus paste encased in a golden-brown pastry shell, a savoury yolk in the center cuts through the sweetness to create the familiar taste we have all come to love

Our recommendation: These handmade mooncakes from Tai Chong Kok use fresh lotus paste and traditional wooden moulds for an authentic look and flavour — perfect to gift family and loved ones.

A no-bake version of the former, snowskin mooncakes have become widely popular due to their soft and chewy texture. Served chilled, its creative variety of flavours have attracted a younger generation to enjoy this traditional sweet treat.

Our recommendation: Our favourites are from Goodwood Park’s Snowskin Collection which come in unique local fruit flavours such as Soursop with Calamansi, Mango with Pomelo, Cempedak and D24 Durian.

The Teochew yam mooncake is the flaky and buttery cousin of the traditional baked mooncake. Filled with creamy yam paste, otherwise also known as “Orh Nee”, this beautiful pastry is a must-try for yam lovers.

Our recommendation: Sample Peony Jade’s award-winning yam mooncakes that come with single or double yolks, and even a limited-edition mooncake with a molten lava salted yolk center!

The king of fruits has made appearances in ice-cream, pasta, nasi lemak and now —mooncakes! Sticky, creamy and bittersweet, durian mooncakes are one of the key highlights this year at our mooncake fair.

Our recommendation: Home’s Favourite is releasing 10 variations of durian snowskin mooncake, including a Snow-skin Top Grade Black Gold Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake and Snow-skin Top Grade X.O Durian Mooncake. Sticky, creamy and bittersweet durian enveloped in a mochi-like skin – this is a must-try for all durian fans.


Perfect to enjoy for all liqueur connoisseurs, alcohol-infused mooncakes are also hit at our mooncake fair this season.

Our recommendation:Get buzzed on these Assorted Mini Snowskin Martini Mooncakes from The Ritz-Carlton. Their new Irish Martini flavour is derived from a cocktail concoction of espresso, Irish stout reduction, vodka, campari and beer. A great gift for business associates or to bring to a party!

With the wide selection of mooncakes available at our Mid-Autumn Celebrations running from now to Mon 24 Sep 2018 at Takashimaya Square, B2, you will be sure to find the perfect mooncake to enjoy with family and loved ones this season. See you there!