Awaken your senses and immerse in the bountiful world of Takashimaya. In celebration of our 27th Anniversary, we have lined up exclusives from fashion, household products, cosmetics and plenty more. An exciting discovery awaits you so come onboard!


Experience The World Of Takashimaya Through Your 5 Senses


Submerge in a full sensory experience and journey with us through the five senses — Touch, Tempo, Tease, Taste and Trance. Be invigorated with a curation of exciting products all ready for you to explore so read on for more!


There are few pleasures in life as comfortable as feeling something soft and plush on your skin. The relaxing feeling that follows is one that we truly enjoy. 

Wear that relaxing sensation as you ease into the evening by slipping into Marella’s Pozzo pullover. Its silky textured surface combined with a casual fit allows it to be worn easily, after which all you need to do is sit back and let it engulf you in a warm embrace of comfort. 





For those seeking that extra layer of comfort, sloggi’s Zero Feel Bra is the perfect choice for you. Made from a lightweight and breathable material, it promises to feel almost weightless and snug. Beyond simply being comfortable at home, it is time we FEEL comfortable as well.

Let’s not forget the little ones as well. Mama Furry plushies are perfect gifts for the young children who are constantly full of energy and always restless. Its bright colours and soft feel makes it an engaging toy to play with. Keeping your young ones entertained certainly won’t be a challenge for Mama Furry.


For the outgoing everyday women who lead their lives at their own thrilling tempos, their active lifestyle demands the right accessories.

From the social butterfly who is constantly making new connections to the athletic ladies who enjoy a good adrenaline pumping cardio workout — its time to add a little dimension to your speedy tempo. 


Power through your day in style with Clara Diez’s High Heels. With strong heel support and a sleek design to match, this fashionable footwear is perfect for any women who find themselves going from meetings to cocktail parties and needing a sturdy, reliable pair of shoes. With every bold step you take in these shoes,

As you lead your life at a fast paced tempo, constantly staying upbeat is crucial. You can turn to the JBL Tune 220 TWS to keep you going with the help of your favourite tunes. With it’s impressive audio quality combined with its convenient wireless design, it’s long battery life can keep you entertained as you stay on the move. As others look to you to share your tunes with them, Ultimate Ear Wonderboom 2 can help show everyone just how awesome your playlist is. Able to achieve strong bass notes and high volume, not to mention it’s impressive durability and battery life, the Wonderboom 2 can bring joy to any party by blasting the best jams!


In a fast moving world, first impressions count. As we speed along day to day, we hardly have the time to stop and admire beautiful things, simply because they fail to catch our eye.

You don’t have to worry about that when you have a stylish handbag like FURLA wrapped around your arm. Capture and tease everyone’s attention with Its luxurious leather and voguish look. You’ll be guaranteed to steal the limelight. A perfect bag for any occasion, its versatile look can be easily paired with any outfit to elevate your fashion game.

With something closer to home, how about spicing up your photo collections? Add a little flair to your photo frame with the stylish Ralph Lauren’s Bryce Suite Collection. Now you can proudly display your most precious memories with a touch of style and class.

If you are looking for something stylish to wear instead, look no further than MAX&Co.’s latest line of dresses. MAX&Co.’s Ginseng Abito dress is a beautiful example of how “simple” and “classic” can be made fashionable. Coloured with a smattering palette of blue and accented with a gorgeous flower pattern, anyone wearing this would not only get to enjoy its relaxed fit, but wear it confidently anytime, anywhere.


With so many food trends taking over kitchens everywhere, it is hard to decide a favourite. Diet crazes and complex recipes asides, having a well stocked kitchen is crucial in bringing out the inner “healthy you”.

Perhaps you prefer a good old fashioned cup of coffee? Smeg has you covered. Smeg’s Drip Coffee machine is capable of producing strong drip coffee through it’s unique slow drip function. Producing quality coffee, Smeg’s Coffee Machine is able to give you the caffeine kick you need to power through the day.

For the active folks who are always on-the-go and in need of a refreshment to sustain you throughout the day, Oasis is here to help! Bottle up your favourite beverages with Oasis’s Steel Bottles. Be it a sip of your favourite hot coffee on the way to work, or a gulp of relieving ice cold water post workout, Oasis’s Steel Bottles will never fail to quench that sip you need. Also available in a variety of colours, find yourself an Oasis Steel Bottle to match your outfit today!

For those who prefer to indulge in their sinful pleasures instead, Godiva has you covered. With a rich collection of chocolates ranging from Milk Chocolate Biscuits to the Cube Truffle Chocolate Gift Box, each bite promises a burst of chocolatey goodness and unique flavours. Don’t forget to share the experience as well by gifting the Godiva’s Gold Collection Gift Box to your loved ones.


In every scent lies a hidden world of different notes and aromas. Each evoking its own memorable experience. From the whiff of a rose garden to the smell of rain, it is the trace of these little scents that we fall in love with.

Perhaps its time to fall in love again, this time with Glasshouse’s Midnight in Milan scented candle. With soft subtle notes that carry a gentle but sweet scent, Midnight in Milan is able to turn any room into one filled with tranquility and peace. A peace that you can enjoy from the comfort of your bed.

For those who spend a lot of time outside, a fragrance that is sure to keep smelling fresh would be SWY’s perfume oil. A bright floral scented oil that is guaranteed to add a little alluring charm to any outfit. It is a wonderful addition to your fragrance collection, certain to leave your trace and captivating everyone in your wake.

If you prefer a bolder scent, be sure to check out Versace’s Eros. A masculine fragrance, it is perfect for any occasion it’s long lasting intense and vibrant aroma will leave you glowing with freshness throughout the day.

With so much to experience, don’t hold yourself back. Engage all your senses as you explore our vast selection of unique products. Each with its own ability to play with your senses. As you discover new and exciting ways to improve your life by improving every sensory experience, you will find yourself living a transformed life altogether. So stop waiting and start living. Check out our full product range today! While stocks last.