Enhancing your Foot Health

Time for stylish, trendy yet comfortable shoes to match your elegant pair of feet! Do you know that the types of shoes you wear can also maintain the long-term health of your precious feet?

Choosing the right pair of shoes to wear can correctly portray your style and personality as well as be an investment in foot health. The rightful shoes for you depends on your daily use, but nothing is more important than comfort.

Being physically active is also an excellent solution to maintain foot health, especially if you choose footwear that allows you to incorporate your physical activities.

The following factors are worth considering as well when choosing the perfect shoes for your feet:

  1. Try shoes on in the daytime – Your feet swell slightly throughout the day, so trying shoes on during the day when they are bigger will help you find a more accurate size.
  2. Examine the soles of the shoes – Are they strong enough to provide protection from sharp objects?
  3. Choose the right size – Shoes that are too big or too small can cause unnecessary abrasion. Find a shoe that gives your toes room to wiggle, but does not allow your foot to slide around.
  4. Wear the right socks – If you are buying running shoes or sneakers, wear the kind of sock you would use running when you try the shoes on. That way, you’ll get a better idea of how it will fit during the activity you are buying them for.

Below are some highly recommended retail shoes stores to help shine your positive personality and to ensure the long-term health of your feet:

  1. For the Classy and Creative you (Shoes for women)
    Are you the classy and creative lady who loves chic and innovative fashion? Then a new pair of shoes at Manolo Blahnik is definitely your prime shopping choice.At Takashimaya, we are honored to have Manolo Blahnik with us. With more than 4 decades long in the fashion industry, Mahnolo Blanik has established a worldwide recognition and a large group of loyal customer base.Whether you are a Superstar or a working professional, Manolo Blanik offers you a wide range of highly sophisticated shoes which is made solely for your comfort and classiness.
  2. For the outdoor type person (Shoes for women and men)
    Are you the sportive and adventurous type who loves a good run or simply enjoys exercise on a regular basis? A new pair of sneakers at Adidas will be a perfect match for you.Adidas is the leading sports brand and offers a wide variety of design at an affordable price with excellent ease for your feet. They are also well-loved by the athletics.
  3. For practical ladies (Shoes for women)
    Are you a practical lady looking for comfortable yet stylish shoes for your casual outings? In Figs, you will find the right women’s shoes to complement your personality.We understand that when you wear ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes, it is almost like your feet are under attack. Fret not, Figs is highly competent in creating comfortable footwear designed for leisure. A time-tested brand of choice, Figs has over 25 years of expertise in selling comfortable and beautiful shoes for women, and has partnered with numerous famous designers such as Claude Montana, Christian Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Vera Wang. Their main purpose is to gain the trust of their consumers and to create comfortable shoes for women.