The varying climates in Japan lends itself to different ecology and produce — allowing each region to have their own culinary specialty. Can’t travel across Japan? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy a taste of the unique delicacies of each prefecture right here at Takashimaya’s Japan Food Matsuri 2018!


Due to the cold waters in the north, Hokkaido is widely known for the quality of its fresh seafood. Some of its most popular seafood include Uni (Sea Urchin), Kani (Crab) and Hotate (Scallop).

Seafood lovers can look forward to the Aji-Doraku Bento from Sugiyama Suisan, featuring the freshest catch straight from Hokkaido.
Aji-Doraku Bento

Hokkaido’s wide countryside also allows it to support a booming dairy industry, producing more than half of the country’s milk. This has resulted in the popularity of dairy products like ice cream, cream puffs and snacks.

Try Naganuma Ice’s cream puffs and gelato, made with fresh and rich Hokkaido milk.

Single – $5.50/cone
Double – $6.50/cone

In the opposite spectrum we have Kyushu, located in the southwestern part of the country. Its tropical climate popularised somen (Japanese cold noodles), as a refreshing summer treat.

Beat the Singapore heat with somen from Shimabara Tenobe.

Original / Black Sesame / Yuzu / Green Tea / Plum / 5 Grains

Kyushu is also home to the popular distilled spirit, shochu. Different prefectures within Kyushu have their own distinct shochu flavour profiles, including those made with barley, sweet potato and rice. .

Pick up some local shochu from Hamada Shuzo to pair with a side of sashimi or tofu.

Satsuma Shochu Kinzangura Red (5-year-old Premium Shochu, Alcohol 35%)


Okinawa is well known for a special sweet potato known as “Beni-imo”. This vibrant purple produce can be found in many desserts – from cakes to breads, pastries and ice-cream.

Beni-imo tarts are a favourite amongst tourists who want to bring home a taste of Okinawa.

Beniimo Tart

Okinawa is also home to the premium wagyu beef, known for its fine marbling and higher percentage of fat. This creates a more juicy and succulent steak when seared.

Watch a live demonstration of Okinawa A4 wagyu steak being prepared and taste the difference for yourself

OKINAWA Wagyu A4 Grade Steak


You don’t have to leave the country to taste these unique Japanese specialties! Take your taste buds on a holiday and transport yourself to Japan at our 25th Anniversary Japan Food Matsuri, happening from Fri 28 Sep to Sun 14 Oct 2018 at Takashimaya Square/Food Hall, B2. See you there!