In conjunction with Takashimaya Goes Green, here are TWO creative ways to reuse your Takashimaya shopping bag!


Creative Ways to Reuse Your Takashimaya Shopping Bag


Using it as a Bouquet Wrapper

Conventional wrappers too cliché for your taste? We show you how to deconstruct our shopping bag, and reuse it as a bouquet wrapper — perfect as a gift for your loved ones!

1. Slice along the edges of your Takashimaya shopping bag with a penknife
2. Overlap the pieces at a thirty degrees angle, and secure them together
3. Wrap around your flowers, securing with a stapler
4. Using a smaller-sized Takashimaya shopping bag, wrap around the front
5. Fasten the stems with a tape, and add a ribbon or a piece of twine to complete the look


Create Your Very Own Paper Roses

Yes, you read that right. Learn how to fold paper roses from reusing our shopping bags! Present this handmade gift and score some brownie points.

1. Slice along the edges of your Takashimaya shopping bag with a penknife
2. Cut along the floral wreath for a circle cut-out
3. Draw a spiral from the edge to the centre, and cut along the spiral
4. Begin folding from the tail-end in a back-and-forth motion, while twisting around the centre
5. Tape down the loose end to form a stem

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