Are You Prepped Yet? Here’s What to Buy for Chinese New Year

From the freshest Japanese seafood for your reunion dinner, to CNY gifts for the elders and titbits for the kids, Takashimaya’s Chinese New Year sales and promotions in Singapore are here to ensure you get all your CNY goodies settled. Run through our quick checklist and promos to get ready for the New Year.
When: Thu 18 Jan to Wed 14 Feb 2018
Where: Takashimaya Square, B2

1. Chinese New Year goodies

It’s time to join in the hustle of CNY goodies shopping for the family and as gifts to your relatives. What better way to find the best pineapple tarts and shrimp crackers in town than to go taste testing at one of the biggest Chinese New Year fairs in Singapore?
What’s on sale: Pineapple tarts, traditional kueh and kueh lapis, love letters, shrimp crackers, seaweed crackers, prawn crackers, tarts and all kinds of CNY cookies.

2. Food for reunion dinner

Be the perfect host and treat the whole family at tuan yuan fan to the best dishes you can cook, ever. Getting some of the freshest and finest ingredients will make a difference. This year, besides our CNY goodies fair, there is a Japanese CNY seafood sale. You can also grab a bite of seafood yakisoba, matcha azuki parfait, or a stick of grilled squid if you get hungry while shopping.
Catch these delicacies flown in from Japan before they’re snatched up!
What’s on sale: King crab, dried scallops, Chinese sausages, CNY sauces, onion fish cakes, marinated ikura, karashi mentaiko (spicy cod roe), salmon belly, wagyu steak, Japanese dressings and broth stock, ramen noodles, matcha daifuku, matcha roll cakes, Setoka oranges and premium sake.
Japan CNY Fair: Mon 29 Jan to Tue 13 Feb
Winter Hokkaido Fair: Thu 18 Jan to Sun 28 Jan

3. Chinese New Year nuts and sweets

Serve your ‘long time no see’ friends pistachios, peanuts, cashews and wasabi peas while you catch up with each other this CNY. Keep the children entertained with a platter of delicious and Instagram-worthy Japanese Wagashi sweets.
What’s on sale: CNY nuts and Japanese snacks and Wagashi sweets.

4. Chinese New Year Gifts

Chinese delicacies and tonics are a welcome gift in any home. Bring some CNY gifts besides the usual mandarin oranges for your in laws, relatives and friends as a gesture of goodwill.
What’s on sale: Ginseng, abalone, premium mushrooms and bird’s nest.

5. Chinese New Year plants and flowers

No home’s CNY decorations are complete without some beautiful plants to bring in the prosperity and add some greenery indoors. Take home some lucky plants for Chinese New Year this 2018.