Your Checklist to Spring Cleaning and Home Decor for Chinese New Year

It’s almost Chinese New Year and everyone’s rushing to fix up their homes before household visitations start. Is your home the picture of CNY blessings with Year of the Dog decorations? Did you remember to get new bed sheets for the master bedroom? Or maybe your electrical appliances and kitchenware are wearing out and need replacing.

No matter what state your house is in, let our quick checklist help you usher in the new beginnings.

1. Fresh sheets to revamp your room

Overly red and ‘too CNY’ bedsheets may clash with your modern home interiors and look out of place for the rest of the year. Instead, choose bedcovers that have hints of red in them and will go well with the rest of your furniture.
A gold and red mosaic pattern like this one from Sheridan is perfectly unisex, whereas a light coloured plum blossom print as shown in Balmain’s heirloom collection will instantly brighten up the surroundings.

2. Welcome good fortune into your home

It’s not Chinese New Year without at least a couple of beautiful figurines commemorating the Year of the Dog. To make decorating easier, how about all twelve zodiacs for a collection you can use for every other CNY?
To add splendour to the auspicious atmosphere, hang up a few traditional ornate lanterns in the living room. Lastly, placing some lucky cats facing the door to your home will do good to tilt the tide of wealth in your favour.

3. Ready to Lo Hei like a pro

Ever find yourself short on tableware for your many rounds of Chinese New Year Yu Sheng? Are your own dishes starting to look dull and cluttered in comparison to your spotless home?
A set of Lo Hei dishware in immaculate fine bone china may just be your answer. Even after Chinese New Year, You can use the side plates as dinnerware and the Lo Hei plate as a large party platter.

4. Clink your wine glasses to 365 days of prosperity

While your wine may not taste different, the feeling just isn’t the same when you’re sipping wine out of a regular glass or mug. Break out the festive mood this year easily with a couple of matching wine or champagne glasses. Your fine attention to detail won’t go unnoticed by your guests either.

5. Cook with shining new pots and pans

During Chinese New Year spring cleaning, it goes unsaid that every mum will check the house high and low for things to throw out and faulty items to replace. If your frying pan has been wearing out since months ago, it may be time to get your hands on an improved set of kitchenware.

6. No more back-breaking housework

Upgrading your household appliances can help you finish up housework faster with less effort, and keep your family in better health with more efficient cleaning.
If you hate removing the dust bags and having to unclog the filter every now and then, you can look into Panasonic’s bagless vacuum cleaners. It comes with a HEPA filter and a specially designed nozzle to catch those pesky dust particles that hover when vacuuming.

Certain fabrics and clothing, like silk and suits, are taken care of faster and better with steaming compared to ironing. If you find yourself spending too much time on ironing, a two-in-one steaming and ironing machine like this one from Laurastar may save you tons of time.
What’s doubly impressive is the vacuum system – which flattens out creases in the fabric hands-free just like magic, and the protective soleplate – which prevents accidental burning of delicate fabrics.