Lunar New Year Hampers for All the Important People in Your Life

Love it or not, household visitations are due soon with Chinese New Year around the corner. So send your greetings along with these well-wishing Chinese New Year gifts for your in laws, family, friends and corporate clients. Here are some not so typical CNY hampers with foods from all around the world to suit anyone this season.

1. For the gourmet foodie

Harrods Chinese New Year Hampers
Just because it’s Chinese New Year doesn’t mean all your food has to be Chinese delicacies. These gift baskets from Harrods in luxurious blossom prints are filled with an international gourmet spread to delight anyone with a taste for fine dining.
Contains: Riesling and Pinot Noir, shortbreads, butter and chocolate biscuit assortment, tea, Harrods signature coffee, honey selection, hot chocolate, caramel truffles, fruit drops and fruit preserves.

2. For those who need their chocolate fix

Fauchon Chinese New Year Hampers
True chocoholics will understand that chocolate is perfect for any occasion. Share this gift basket at your CNY party, pass out to the kids, or sneak some for yourself. There’s enough wine for your reunion dinners too.
Contains: An assortment of French chocolates and biscuits, drinking chocolate, red and white wine, sparkling juice, cheddar crepes, fruit preserve, pure Arabica coffee and fragrant floral tea.

3. For your in laws and the whole family

The perfect traditional CNY hamper, with all of the goodies you love and nothing extra you don’t. There’s something for everyone in the family here, from abalone for the folks to shrimp rolls for the young ones.
Contains: Siegend Asian Treasures Australian abalone and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall with Shark’s Fin, shrimp roe noodles and noodle sauce, Bengawan Solo cashew nut biscuits and shrimp rolls, Korean Shiitake mushrooms, Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa, red wine, chocolates, and red date ginger tea.

4. For your grandparents and the health conscious
You can’t enjoy the New Year without good health. With treasured Chinese delicacies like abalone, bird’s nest and ginseng, any visitee will be pleased to receive the bountiful blessings in this CNY hamper.
Contains: YuYi Superior Australian abalone and Hokkaido dried scallops, Imperial Treasures Premium seafood set including abalone slices, Imperial Phoenix bird’s nest, Jilin ginseng, New Zealand Kamahi honey, tea, large red dates, walnuts, and Merlot.

5. For your friend who always travels to Japan

Maybe you have a Japanese client or friend you’d like to include in your CNY festivities. Maybe you know someone who’s really into Japanese cuisine and snacks. It doesn’t matter who it is, but they are sure to enjoy riffling through this gold yuan bao or ingot-shaped gift basket of delicious treats. This hamper also comes with a free kawaii Year of the Dog ornament to ring in the blessings.
Contains: Premium Okayama Muromachi Junmai Ginjyo gold flake sake, Wakayama Kumano Kasumi Umeshu, Mikan juice, Yuzu tea, cuttlefish crackers, crepes, premium fruit jellies and Warabi mochi.

6. For your expat friends, or for family dessert

Extend your best wishes to all your friends this CNY. Giving baumkuchen as a gift also has a meaning of ‘longevity’ and ‘prosperity’. Perfect as an auspicious start to 2018, wouldn’t you agree?
Contains: Original and chocolate Baumkuchen and an assortment of decadent German biscuits.

7. Chocolates for your relatives and kids

Thinking of bringing along some small gifts when visiting your relatives and friends besides the typical mandarin orange? An array of chocolates and biscuits from Royce will cheer up the kids and show your well wishes.
Available gift sets: Rich hazelnut cream wafers, pure sweet and milk chocolates, and hazel cacao baton cookies.

8. An extra special treat for snack lovers

Want something different from the usual local keropok? These super yummy shrimp and scallop crackers from Bankaku will blow your taste buds away. Each cracker is said to use natural, high-quality shrimp and is roasted until it gains a delicious aroma. It’s also high in protein, calcium and low in fat – even more win to guilt-free CNY snacking.
Contains: Yukari shrimp crackers in a Year of the Dog special gift box and shrimp and scallop crackers in a CNY daruma gift box.

Where to buy these Chinese New Year hampers:

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Last date to order is Wed 7 Feb 2018.

Shopping for CNY goodies in Singapore?

Check out Takashimaya Square at B2 from 18 Jan to 14 Feb 2018 for many special offers on CNY goodies, Japanese seafood for your steam boat and more gifts to bring when visiting your relatives and friends.