To celebrate our 27th Anniversary, we are introducing a brand new catalogue of exciting kitchenware. Curious to know what we have in store for you? Read on to build your own dream kitchen!


A Kitchen For Everyone

Being new in the kitchen can be daunting. Thankfully, Zwilling is here to ease you in and ensure you have what you need to get started on your culinary journey! Engineered with German precision and the finest materials, Zwilling is the ideal brand for every aspiring chef. 

With quality utensils such as the polished Greenwich 30-pc Cutlery Set, you can be sure to taste and enjoy every step of your culinary journey. For any eager new chef, cooking for a large crowd is no longer a challenge. Up your game and confidence with Zwilling’s 4PC Cookware Set that will equip you for every style of cooking.





While everyone loves a home cooked meal, keeping a family fed and happy can sometimes be a challenge. Striking a balance between nutrition and taste means having the right equipment to meet the needs of every family member.

Thankfully, you’ll find WMF stocked to help you along in family meal preps. In need of a healthy smoothie to give your husband’s diet a healthy twist? Try WMF’s Kichenminis Smoothies To Go. Capable of blending a variety of nutritious vegetables and fruits, eating clean has never been easier. Looking to spice up your children’s lunchbox? The Minions Children 4pc cutlery set will certainly add a dash of playfulness to your children’s meals. WMF’s range of family friendly kitchenware is certainly the right fit for family kitchens everywhere.


Within every home cook, is a creative yearning to express himself in the kitchen playground. Having an arsenal of quality kitchenware is a dream come true for anyone looking to experiment and have fun in the kitchen. Thankfully, Le Creuset’s collection of multicoloured pots and grills is more than capable of meeting those needs. Be it the Square Grill for sizzling up satisfying steaks or the Round French Oven for whipping up a bowl of savoury pasta, Le Creuset has you covered. Available in unique shapes and sizes, no dish is out of your reach. 

We all know that the enjoyment of food goes beyond taste. The saying, “Eating with your eyes” is a testament to how aesthetically pleasing food appeals to you before you taste them. 

However, beautifying a dish requires skill and an eye for detail. Fortunately, Culinary Cut provides the best range of specialty knives across a variety of premium brands to help you achieve neat slices in every precise cut. Offering knives from reliable brands such as Kai, Kyocera and Richardson Sheffield, be spoilt for choice with the wide range of collection available.




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