7 Best Japanese Snacks You can Buy in Singapore without Going the Extra Mile

We’ve all done it – lugged home a limited supply of must-try bulky snacks from Japan or waited months to find someone willing to bring those goodies home. But in case you’re craving for something special other than Tokyo Banana and Shiroi Koibito, here are some Japanese sweets and titbits that even the Japanese highly regard, and they are all available in Singapore.

1. Bankaku

These are hands down the best shrimp crackers you’ll ever taste. The crackers are made from natural seafood such as scallops and shrimp, and carefully baked one by one to give off an addictive roasted aroma, before being packed in beautiful gift boxes. Bankaku’s popular shrimp crackers – Yukari – translates to ‘ties and relationships’. Pretty special as a gift to a foodie friend, don’t you think?

2. Minamoto Kitchoan

With its flagship store in high-end Ginza, Minamoto Kitchoan is famous for its beautifully made and wonderfully delicious Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets enjoyed with tea). It has a lovely selection of Mochi, cakes and jellies with generous fillings of sweet bean paste and fresh fruits. Its Tosenka jelly, in particular, is soft and ripe with the sweet fragrance of a whole white peach in each piece.

3. Mochikichi

Rice crackers, or Senbei, are to Japanese what Keropok is to Singaporeans. As with the Japanese, when they say the highest quality, they mean it. The ingredients that go into making this popular childhood snack are namely domestically produced premium-grade Japanese rice and natural mineral water from the Fukuchi mountains. The difference is all in the taste and texture – fresh, savoury and crisp.

4. Sembikiya

With a history that dates back to 1834, Sembikiya is Japan’s most revered and oldest fruit shop famous for its high-end fruits such as the muskmelon.
While you may not find the most expensive fruits in the world here in Singapore (and thankfully you don’t have a need for it), you can enjoy their one-of-a-kind fruit jellies. Glistening in jewel-like creations, these jellies contain real bite-sized fruit pieces inside. Each of the fruits have gone through the same rigorous selection by Sembikiya’s Mekiki (fruit specialists).

5. Yamamoto Noriten

Nori is prized by the Japanese as a healthy and tasty addition to their meals. This type of seaweed is rich in iodine, calcium and magnesium, and has since early times been attributed to the longevity of the Japanese.
Full of umami and melts in the mouth, Yamamoto Noriten has Nori in sour plum, sesame, brown rice, wasabi and traditional flavours. The Nori is also presented in kawaii My Melody or Hello Kitty collectable tin cans. Sprinkle on rice, toast, crackers, make your own sushi, or simply eat it on its own.

6. Kobe Fugetsudo

Kobe Fugetsudo’s bestselling Petite Gaufres feels like upscale tea time in classy Ebisu. Delicate yet blossoming with flavour, the Petite Gaufres consists of two paper-thin wafer biscuits with rich vanilla, strawberry or chocolate cream in the middle. These Japanese-made French-inspired sweets are ideal as a personal treat or stylish gift for a foodie.

7. Fukujuen

famous for its Kyoto Uji tea. If you haven’t been to Uji, you should mark it down in your travel to-dos as it is renowned for its green tea production.
In the meantime, you can experience the refined culture of authentic tea making with Fukujuen’s Matcha sets that come with artisanal tea bowls. And if you have already visited Japan’s tea town, why not relive your memories through the authentic fragrance of their teas?


Where to Buy?
Visit Takashimaya Department Store, Food Hall, B2 and find out many more Japanese Sweets and Snacks!