6 Practical Kitchen Design Ideas
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The kitchen is the heart of your home, so the saying goes. Indeed, today, the kitchen has become an important hub for the family – it’s where the cooking, cleaning and even eating and entertaining takes place.

As the kitchen is where you prepare meals for the family to savour and enjoy, it therefore needs to be functional and practical. When you design your kitchen, setting up and organising your layout sensibly can make things a lot easier for you.

Check out these 6 practical kitchen design ideas.


Maximize storage space

It is important to maximise the precious space in your kitchen to so that you have adequate storage for all your kitchen appliances, crockery, cutlery and pantry items. Every corner, nook and cranny can be efficiently utilized by installing cabinets and drawers to keep things out of sight. Work with a designer to customise your kitchen planning so that you don’t have wasted space. For instance, you can use the area above the refrigerator to install built-in cabinets. Or you can fit in a lazy susan to retrieve pots and pans in a corner cabinet.

Tip: Choosing translucent doors for your upper cabinets will make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious. Use scratch and water-resistant laminates for the cabinetry.


Keep kitchen countertops clutter free

As much as possible, keep your kitchen countertops free of clutter so that you have enough space for food preparation. Install shelves below the upper kitchen cabinets to put condiments and sauces. Use space saving elements such as hooks for hanging cooking utensils. Install pot racks and mounted knife racks against the wall. Consider having built-in appliances to save you even more space. Keeping the countertops free will also make it easier for you to clean it.

Tip: Use a low maintenance kitchen countertop material such as solid surfaces like Corian for easier cleaning.


Segregate your kitchen into zones

When renovating your kitchen, consider a zone design. Keep workstations separate for cooking, food preparation and washing. The cook zone consists of your stove, hob, hood and oven. It should be placed against the wall so that heat can be better controlled. For convenience, it should not be too far away from the wash zone where the sink or dishwasher is located. The prep zone involves the area for cutting, chopping, kneading and mixing and ideally should be next to the cook zone.

Tip: Place the zones within close proximity to each other so you’ll have a more efficient layout.


Install a sliding door

Open kitchens are very popular these days as it gives a more expansive feel to your home with better air and light circulation. However, you’ll want to keep out the pungent smell of cooking from other areas of your home when you are preparing your meals. A simple solution to this would be to install a sliding door. That way, you have the flexibility of having your kitchen closed or open.

Tip: Install a glass door made of a translucent material to let the light in so that you will still retain that open and bright feeling when you close the door.


If space permits, have a kitchen island

An island counter-top in your kitchen is useful because it can serve a number of purposes. The most obvious use for the kitchen island is you can utilize the space to prepare your meals. Transform the island countertop into a breakfast bar by adding some bar stools. You can also use it as a space to work on your laptop or to study. And if you are entertaining, you can serve your food on the island. It can also be a space for socializing between the guests and the cook. Besides being very functional, a kitchen island also serves as a visual anchor, drawing attention to center of the kitchen and acts as a place for the family to hang out together.

Tip: Install cabinets or shelves below the kitchen island so that you have more storage space for your pots, pans, appliances and crockery. Add shelves to display your cookbooks or pigeonholes for your wine bottles.


Don’t forget the lighting

You need to have adequate illumination in your kitchen for your prep tasks and cooking. Make sure the main work spots such as the stove and food prep counters have proper lighting. You can also consider having accent lighting to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen. Mini pendants will look great over kitchen islands or above the sinks.

Tip: Install lighting under the upper cabinets so that you have enough light for your kitchen tasks.

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