We give you the lowdown on the not-to-be-missed dishes at Food Fiesta 2019!

The wildly popular Food Fiesta is back! Done in the style of Artbox, this indoor food festival features over 60 F&B establishments, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!


5 Must-eats at Takashimaya’s Artbox-style Food Fiesta

1. BBQ Chef x 6ixs Rosti in Classic, Cheesy, or Salted Egg

A collaboration between BBQ Chef and 6ixs Rosti reinvents the classic Swiss rosti by putting a Southeast Asian twist on it. Choose from classic, cheesy, or salted egg flavours, with different toppings such as smoked salmon, beef tenderloin, and German sausage. All variations are served with a generous dollop of sour cream. Crispy on the outside, yet slightly mushy on the inside, their rendition is the perfect festival food!



2. Bizgen Kaitsuka Potato

A patented strain of sweet potato known as Benitenshi (“Red Angel”), this Ibaraki variety tastes great baked or steamed with its sweet, flaky, and tender flesh. Its skin is reddish-purple, and features a smooth, warm mouthful with every bite.

3. Xing Fu Tang Brown Sugar Boba Milk

You won’t be able to tear your eyes off this signature drink from Taiwanese bubble tea brand Xing Fu Tang. Adorably tiger-striped, and topped off with a crisp, creme brulee milk foam finish, this yummy drink is also sprinkled with brown sugar bits for that extra crunchy mouthfeel. Their pearls are cooked the traditional way — by steeping them in brown sugar, then stir-frying them to increase that caramelised intensity. Try it now for a guaranteed flavour explosion!

4. Kazo Crispy Cream Puff 

Kazo is a famous Taiwanese bakery that specialises in Japanese-inspired cream puffs. Choose from four flavours: durian, chocolate, Hokkaido cream, or matcha. These palm-sized bombshells are filled with deliciously smooth cream, and covered by a thin, crispy shell. Opt for a mix of flavours to try them all without fearing them being too heavy on the stomach.

5. Matchaya Signature Soft Serve, in Matcha or Houjicha

Matchaya prides itself on its high quality tea leaves and flavours — a true heaven for connoisseurs of Japanese tea. Try their signature soft serve in matcha or houjicha, which is creamy while being balanced, with a mildly bitter aftertaste. They come in a small plastic cup, and is served with homemade langues de chat. Have it affogato-style by adding a shot of hot houjicha! 

Taste these and more at Food Fiesta, happening from Thu 30 May to Sun 16 Jun 2019, at Takashimaya Square, B2!