Caring for our planet seems like a chore. Here’s the good news — you don’t have to go out of your way to save the earth. Start by drastically reducing your plastic usage by tweaking a few daily habits.



1. Choose Recycled Materials

Gumbies Footwear, $45.90

You don’t have to sacrifice style to be eco-friendly. Gumbies ensure that they use the most practical, natural, and planet-friendly materials where possible. This led them to create their trendy line of flip-flops with soles made of recycled rubber and natural jute to minimise their carbon footprint on the planet.

2. Reduce Single-use Plastics

Oasis Double Wall Insulated Eco Cup, $5.90 to $6.90 each

Store your drinks in this convenient and reusable tumbler! Made from a composite material of natural wheat and rice husk, the Oasis Double Wall Insulated Eco Cup is BPA-free, and comes with a double wall insulation that maintains drink temperature up to one hour. Choose from three delicious pastel shades to match your personality!

3. Wear Natural Clothing

SimplyLife Assorted Baby Wear and Children Sleepwear, $23.95 to $35.95 each


Synthetic fibres from clothing are an enormous plastic pollution issue because they are a key contributor to microplastic pollution. Choose clothing made of fabrics like cotton, wool, hemp, and silk. If you are shopping for your little one this season, consider getting baby wear and children sleepwear from SimplyLife, as they are made of bamboo yarn.

4. Eat Organic Food

La Macina Ligure Assorted Organic Sauces, $10.80 to $12.80 each
Wilkin & Sons Assorted Organic Jams, $10.90 each

Organic food is a sustainable, long-term solution to caring for our environment as farmers don’t rely on non-renewable oil-based fertilisers and pesticides, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. La Macina Ligure carries a range of organic sauces from old fashioned tomato to olives, while Wilkin & Sons are known for their organic fruit jams and conserves.

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