In support of Plastic-Free July, Takashimaya Department Store will be promoting sustainable and eco-friendly habits that we can all adopt. Find out how you can cut down on plastic waste when shopping with us!




3 Tips to Go Plastic-Free With Takashimaya Department Store

1. Say ‘No’ to Plastic Bags

We use plastic bags for an average of 12 minutes, but they take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill. Opt for a reusable bag instead the next time – like this Foldable Tote Bag from Shupatto!


2. Ditch the Plastic Straws

In need of a drink when out shopping? Ditch the plastic and try bringing your own eco-friendly straw out instead! For added convenience, get this 5 piece stainless steel straw set from Manna instead, which comes with a handy pouch!

3. Bring Your Own Reusable Containers

Are takeouts becoming your default? Next time, opt for reusable containers instead to cut down on unnecessary plastic waste. This sleek S/S Vacuum Insulated Food Flask from Oasis helps to keep your food warm for long hours with its double-wall feature.




These are all easy ways on how we can play our part in saving the health of our planet! With these tips in your pocket, you’re definitely ready to kickstart your eco-friendly journey! Head on down to Takashimaya Department Store to get your plastic-free products today!