As all frequent travellers know, your luggage could make or break your trip. Wonderful as it (usually) is, travelling can be a stressful affair. Decrease the risk for drama by ensuring you’re using the best luggage suitable for your travelling needs. Here’s to more calm, and hassle-free adventures!

Before we begin, orientate yourself with the following questions: where are you going, and why are you heading there? This will help you to decide on the right luggage based on the destination and length of the trip.


3 Tips to Choose the Right Luggage Every Time

1. Size

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Most people make the mistake of choosing either the smallest (hence, lightest) or the largest (more clothes!) luggage available to them. In fact, consider if the luggage is the right size for you to physically manage. Under most circumstances, you have to manhandle your luggage up and down stairs, traverse road crossings, or even running across the airport to catch your flight. Therefore, your luggage should be a size you’re comfortable managing.

2. Soft-shell vs. Hard-shell

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Soft-shell luggage are made from materials like nylon, polyester, and microfibre, while hard-shell luggage are molded from difficult-to-pronounce materials like polypropylene and poly-carbonate. While soft-shell luggage are easier to squeeze, and better able to absorb shock, hard-shell luggage are more reliable when it comes to protecting your belongings. We recommend hard-shell for regular travel, and soft-shell for long-term travel.

3. Two Wheels vs. Four Wheels

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Two-wheelers are lighter, with limited maneuverability, although they are speedier than their four-wheel counterparts when racing across concrete sidewalks and pavements. On the other hand, four-wheelers are easier to maneuver in tight spaces and corners, and are also easier to pull sideways.

No matter the luggage you choose, make sure they are robust and hard-wearing enough to withstand the roughness of travel. Choose from dozens of quality, well-made suitcases at Takashimaya Square, B2, from now to Sun 26 May 2019.