There’s nothing quite like catching up with your family and friends while being surrounded by delicious and mouthwatering Chinese New Year goodies! Here is our roundup of the best must-get Chinese New Year goodies!




Preparations for your Christmas celebration!

HarriAnns Prosperity Tingkat, $88


This festive season, share this tingkat full of handmade delicacies with your family and friends! The HarriAnns Prosperity Tingkat houses three signature cookie flavours: pineapple tarts, gula melaka cookies, and sambal prawn rolls. Rich and delicious, this tingkat is a must-have indulgence for the holidays!


NestBloom Bird’s Nest, $33 – $558

A beautiful dissolvable flower made from a combination of almonds, rock sugar crystals, and bird’s nest, NestBloom Bird’s Nest comes in flavours such as rose, matcha, vanilla bean or original.

KELE Rose Pineapple Tarts, $29.50 – $32.80 per box


Get a taste of the “best pineapple tarts in Singapore” as KELE bring their addictive limited edition rose-scented and scrumptious pineapple tarts to a home near you. Symbolising prosperity and good fortune, start Chinese New Year right with a treat for both the senses and your tastebuds.




Old Seng Choong Emperor Herb Chicken Cookie, $23.80

Add a touch of tradition and class with renowned bakery Old Seng Choong’s festive offering of Emperor Herb Chicken cookies. Enjoy the energy-boosting qualities of nourishing herbs paired with the rich flavour of chicken, in pocket-sized form.




Peony Jade MSW Nian Gao, $138.88


Feast your eyes on the returning favourite that is Peony Jade’s Mao Shan Wang durian layered nian gao, and taste the delight of both fruit and festive classic all in one bite!




Rasa Sayang Rainbow Mini Ear Biscuits, $13


Bite down into the vibrant and delicious rainbow mini ear biscuits from Rasa Sayang, great for snacking and a standout at any collection of goodies this Chinese New Year!





Baker’s Brew Ondeh Ondeh Cookies, $26.80 per tin


Get the best of both worlds as the irresistible, traditional Ondeh Ondeh kueh is reimagined into mouth-watering cookies by the folks over at Baker’s Brew. A wonderful blend of local flavours to enhance the celebrations!





Home’s Favourites Strawberry Tart, $31 per tin


Make this festive season even better with Home’s Favourite lovingly homemade strawberry tarts. Each bite a delightful burst of sweetness, perfect for the whole family.





Hang Heung Wife Biscuits, 6 for $15

Crispy, flaky crust enveloping generous amounts of winter melon paste, these Takashimaya Exclusive wife biscuits from Hang Heung make the perfect gifts for loved ones and family.





Pryce Tea, 1 for $25/ 4 for $88 / 6 for $120


Combining oriental finery with modern simplicity, Pryce Tea brings you a selection of intricate and elegant tea blends that can be enjoyed for all occasions.





Head down today to Chinese New Year Festive Celebrations at Takashimaya Square, B2 from now to Thu 23 Feb 2020 to get your festive shopping done!