10 Luxury Christmas Hamper Ideas for Family, Friends and Business Clients

Brimming with fine wines, chocolates, cakes and cookies, Christmas hampers are made to tide you throughout the season to the New Year. Dressed in pretty trimmings and delivered to your doorstep, these festive food hampers are perfect for sharing at corporate functions and family parties.

Choosing can be tough, so we’ve done the narrowing down for you. Read on to know which hampers are a delight to receive for different budgets, tastes and gatherings of all sizes.

1. Harrods: For a classic Christmas party

Year after year, Christmas selections from Harrods are looked forward to by many around the globe. The Harrodian is their namesake hamper which has everything to love about Christmas – from Rioja and Pinot Grigio wine and traditional pudding to a spread of assorted biscuits and jams, including treats like whiskey marmalade and their seasonal spiced tea and coffee blends.

The Highland, Regent and Sloane hampers are more affordable options and are available in different food selections.

2. TWG: Romantic tea time for two

Tea time is an experience – something which local luxury tea brand TWG knows well. While each of its hampers reflects fine taste with the beautifully crafted tea sets, it was the Joy of Christmas which caught our eye. Take out the unique Firefly tea bowls in cheery Christmas-red, light up the macaron noir tea scented candle, and you have a lovely setting to enjoy their holiday tea blend with macarons and chocolates. The hamper even comes with a silver plated tea scoop.

For collectors of tea sets, the Palace, Yuletide, Voyager and Celebration hampers each have distinctly gorgeous works of art. For gifting, check out the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box featuring 12 beautiful tins filled with their best teas.

3. Godiva: High-end chocolates to end all sweet tooths

Equal parts luxury and easy gifting, these gourmet chocolates from the famed Belgium chocolatier are a welcome treat at any office party or friendly gathering. The Sparkle hamper offers a fine selection of truffles, dark and milk chocolates, dark chocolate pretzels, biscuits and Godiva’s Chocolate Carré Collection.

The Blissful, Allure and Deluxe hampers may be ideal for smaller celebrations.

4. Gourmet Grocery: Feast on Europe’s finest

The Gourmet Grocery is where you can find the best of European produce sourced from small, independent companies. This means no GMO, artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings. Simply gourmet food that’s good for your body. The Grandeur wicker basket contains authentic Italian delights fit for a lavish party – Balsamic Vinegar Aged 10 Years, Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle Cream, Italian Panettone, Christmas pudding, fudge, biscuits and of course, bottles of Reserva Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

For a cosy family feast, the Luxury, Classic and Indulgence hampers come with the delicious Pannetonne and wine at less than half the price tag.

5. Venchi: A dreamy gift box for chocoholics

At first glance, the lovely wrappings on Venchi’s gift sets bring to mind the romance of an Italian holiday. Dig in deeper and you will find every chocoholic’s dream come true. The Venice hamper contains the Nougatines which made the Italian chocolatier famous, the popular Chocaviars and Cremini, an assortment of pralines, and a bottle of Chiba Rhum 17% Vol. Chocolate Cream. The Chocaviars come in a beautifully illustrated book-style gift box.

If you prefer to pair chocolates with wine in classical Christmas dessert fashion, the Rome or Florence hamper is perfect for chocolate lovers and foodie globetrotters.

6. Laurent Bernard: The most beautiful Christmas spread

Laurent Bernard’s parade of delicately pretty selections are exactly what a charming Christmas feast will look like. The award-winning French chocolate artisan presents its goods in gorgeous Tiffany blue gift boxes and adorable chocolate creations. The edible Teddy Bear Tree, Christmas Tree Rocher, and Snowman are any kid’s wish to see on their dining table. The Absolute hamper lets you choose from Krug Champagne or Dom Perignon.

For budget-friendlier options, you can get the Christmas Tree Rocher or Snowman in the Champagne and All I Want For Christmas hampers respectively. The elegant leather box is also a fine choice if the recipient is a lady.

7. Kusmi: Limited edition tea gift sets

If you like your gifts to have more novelty, Kusmi may make your wish come true with their holiday special Tsarevna Winter Tea complete with fine tea accessories. The Paris hamper’s theme revolves around the Russian Matryoshka doll and comes with an exclusive mug, fragrant shortbreads and a spicy-sweet scented candle.

Know someone who is an avid reader or busy note taker? The St Petersburg hamper includes a red moleskin notebook celebrating its 150 years of tea making history in vintage-style illustrations.

8. Kyoho-ya: Something unique for Japanese snack lovers

Kyoho-ya is famous for bringing seasonal fruits and specialities from Japan to local shores. This out of the ordinary Christmas food hamper is stocked with Japanese crepes, cookies, fruit jellies, premium-quality Japanese sake and Umeshu made from the best plums in the Wakayama region.

9. Shiseido Parlour: A luxurious pair – cheesecake and wine

You may have heard of cheese and wine, but how about cheesecake and wine? And not just any cheesecake, but Shiseido Parlour’s cheesecake renowned for its rich creaminess. A hit with customers worldwide, the cheesecake is made from cream cheese of Denmark origin and baked in a biscuit base made from Hokkaido-grown wheat flour. The Christmas hamper also contains Shiseido Parlour’s La Ganache – ganache filled crunchy chocolate biscuits, brandy cake and a bottle of sparkling white wine.

10. Juchheim: The Christmas hamper with meaning

Juchheim is famous for its Baumkuchen cakes, which are made in Japan and have over a century’s worth of history. Baumkuchen has two meanings to its name: the King of Cakes in Germany, and also Tree Cake – for its perfectly formed layers which resemble tree rings and are symbolic of longevity and prosperity. Ideal as a gift for friends, family and business partners, the hampers contain Juchheim’s Baumkuchen and also a selection of savoury butter and nut biscuits.

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