EA Mask & EA Bear

Fri 28 Feb till while stocks last
Ladies’ Fashion, Level 3 

The EA Mask and EA Bear work harder than a conventional mask. They release Chlorine Dioxide molecules into the air and as a result, provides a 3 dimensional coverage around the body. On the other hand, a conventional face mask only seals the face and protects the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria. The EA Mask and EA Bear are especially useful for mothers and young children to wear because it protects them from catching diseases wherever they are, outdoor or indoor. The EA Mask and EA Bear gives you a 1m radius protection around your body 24/7.


  • Degerms, deodorises, removes formaldehyde
  • Eliminates sweat and body odour
  • Eliminates smell of cigarette smoke
  • Hay fever protection
  • 1-meter protection
  • 24/7 360 degree protection
  • Lasts for 1 month
  • Available in EA Mask Blue and Pink, EA Bear Blue, Red, Silver and Pink