Christmas That Feels Like Home 2020

Fri 6 Nov to Fri 25 Dec 2020

Christmas That Feels Like Home
Embark on a magical journey as you celebrate a Christmas That Feels Like Home with us and our little family of wonderful characters!

We have collaborated with home-grown illustrator, Messymsxi, for the design of our Christmas theme, Christmas That Feels Like Home! You will get to see these exclusively designed festive characters on our gift wrapper, carrier bags, in-store displays and even use them as stickers on Instagram! Stay tuned!

Here’s introducing our Takashimaya Christmas family:

Besides keeping the house in order, Mother Bear Agatha relishes the chance to create big smiles through her cooking. 🍗🍽️ 😋Take a peek and follow her around the house to see how she transforms it into a home filled with love, warmth and feasting this season!🎄

It is that perfect time of the year to unwind. Do as Father Reindeer Sam does! 🦌 Disconnect from work 💻 , and reconnect with your family 👪 this Christmas! 🎄

The youngest member of the family, jolly sister Racoon Kiera looks forward to her favourite season🎅🏼of the year — one filled with feasting and presents galore! 🎁🎁🎁

Sister Fox Abigail is full of zest for life! ✨ Get caught up in her contagious curiosity this Christmas 🎄 and wander along with her through the aisles of Takashimaya to discover her next great find!

Cheery yet mischievous, Brother Rabbit Felix’s a tough one to miss this Christmas. Decked out in his best, sporty Rabbit Felix takes fashion cues from his stylish Father 👔and is up for a good work out, anytime of the day! 🏃‍♂‍💦

Patriarch of the family, you’ll catch Grandpa Squirrel Arthur buried deep in books to quench his thirst for knowledge! 📚But when it comes to Christmas, all he desires is to create the perfect mood at home for everyone to celebrate the wondrous season together.🎄🎁🎅🏼

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