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Find out how your zo…

Shopping for festive…

18/01/2019 by admin

Find out how your zodiac fares in the Year of the Pig!

11/01/2019 by admin

Shopping for festive goodies this season? Here are our top picks!

01/01/2019 by admin

Sticking to those New Year’s Resolutions is now easier with these products to help you.

28/12/2018 by admin

Make these small changes for some big results when refreshing your home!

21/12/2018 by admin

Yummy delights that are small on price but big on taste!

20/12/2018 by admin

Enjoy the festivities in style with these non-cliché holiday pieces

18/12/2018 by admin

Here is the list of the most popular toys this season for those who want to surprise their little to…

13/12/2018 by admin

No time to get your Christmas shopping done? Here are Christmas hacks for those in a pinch!

04/12/2018 by admin

Get your secret santee a present they will definitely love this year!

27/11/2018 by admin

Holidays are the time to feast! Here’s what you should be eating this Christmas.

26/11/2018 by admin

Don’t buy, just DIY — get inspired by these homemade Christmas decorations!

21/11/2018 by admin

Hosting a get-together this season? Here are our tips to make your party a success.

15/11/2018 by admin

From sneakers to jerseys, find out how you can jump on this rising trend!

09/11/2018 by admin

Enjoy great skin at age — find out more!

01/11/2018 by admin

Don’t underrate your undergarments — here’s why you should invest in good lingerie

29/10/2018 by admin

Celebrate our silver jubilee with these sparkling gifts!

26/10/2018 by admin

Satisfy your wanderlust with these 3 unique Asian destinations!

23/10/2018 by admin

From beachwear to trekking gear, get your travel necessities at Takashimaya! home mementos!

17/10/2018 by admin

Celebrate our 25th anniversary with special deals on these take-home mementos!

15/10/2018 by admin

Follow these simple steps to increase your overall well-being!