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Household Department, B1

Breeze your way to cooking FAST, DELICIOUS and HEALTHY food with TAIYO new wonder pressure cooker PC68P! Cooking has become so flexible and easy with just a touch of the button. With its unique multi pressure control (MPC) feature, it evenly circulates food in big turns for 98 times, resulting in strong aroma and original taste. Generating 180°C high temperature and high pressure, food is cooked fast effectively and with lesser energy consumed, giving you 30% energy-saving compared to normal cookers. No vapor leakage and no nutrition lost under high pressure helps to improve the nutrition retention rate,giving you nutritional dishes that retain vitamins,original taste and deep fragrance,so you get the best of your meals!

Taiyo New Wonder Pressure Cooker is available in 5L capacity and comes with a thick 2.5mm anodized aluminum inner pot and a thick high grade 304 stainless steel inner pot for your cooking convenience.