25th Anniversary Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
• Valid only for purchases at Takashimaya Department Store or Takashimaya Square, B2.
• Max of 3 same-day receipts.
• Limited to 1 redemption per customer per day.
• Payment by/purchase of Takashimaya Gift Vouchers are not eligible for this redemption.
• Redemption must be made on the same day of purchase.
• Exclude receipts from Cold Storage Supermarket, KFC, DC Super Heroes Café, Money Changer, Alteration Services, Shoe Repair Services and Presto Drycleaner.
• Movie gift voucher(s) are only valid on Monday to Wednesday (excluding Eves of/on Public Holidays and Sneak Previews).
• Takashimaya is not responsible for any lost or damaged movie gift voucher(s).
• Rose Chan is not exchangeable unless broken.
• Other terms and conditions stated on the movie gift voucher apply.